Finding Grace and Mercy in Typographical [Erors] Errors

Good ShepardYesterday someone commented on a typographical error I made in one of my postings (which I gratefully thanked them for pointing out).  This morning, I found yet another.  This posting is result of these two typographical errors.

We strive to be perfect. But, due to our fallen nature, are imperfect.

In His perfection, God calls us to enter into loving relationship with Him.  Yet, through our fallen nature, we repeatedly turn our backs and walked away.  In his infinite mercy, He continually seeks us out – the lost, the broken, those who have surrendered their birthright.

We only need to admit our erroneous ways to be received back into His merciful loving heart.   He loves us in our brokenness, with all our imperfections, and in all our helplessness.

He only asks that we continually try to follow the pathway of His Son, though we may sometimes stray; that we not hardened our hearts, though our heart may sometimes have eyes for earthly treasures; and that we strive to preserve in faith, hope, and charity to end.

I am so thankful and humbled that He loves me in all my imperfections.  Now, if I can be more accepting of my imperfect self.

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1 Response to Finding Grace and Mercy in Typographical [Erors] Errors

  1. Relax... says:

    Yes, and a typo is nothing but a freckle, and thus, endearing.

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