To Follow

To FollowWhenever I become uplifted with the vibrant beauty of the universe God created, the wonderful people He has brought into my life, and all that he has blessed me with, I rejoice and offer thanks.  Then, I hear Him call me, “My love is deeper and greater than all this, come follow.”  Then like the young man, I struggle with His call – not with any monetary wealth I am afraid to surrender – but with surrendering of self.

Christ call is a call “to follow.”  He will lead.  I am to follow.  He will show the path that I am to take.  Obstacles will have to be overcome. Crosses will have to be carried.

To follow means to surrender to Him.   The more that is surrender to Him, the more of His glorious light illuminates the path and the easier it will be to see the path in the darkness of this world.  The more that is surrendered to Him, the more grace He will bestow to overcome the obstacles of sin and evil.  The more that is surrendered to Him, the more He yokes and unites Himself to the crosses that have to be carried.

My God, My God teach me how to surrender so that I may come and follow.

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