Adoration of the EucharistI was debating within my mind what, if any thing, to post today when I received a comment from Kathleen.  Her comment prompted this posting.  She remarked to one of my previous postings, “If only all of us actually did leaven and salt the world around us.”  The following are some of the thoughts Kathleen’s comment brought to my mind.

We are leaven.  Our leaven comprises our words and deeds.  We must take great care to be the leaven of Christ or not the leaven of the Pharisees. The leaven of our deeds is more robust and powerful than the leaven of our words.   To be true leaven we must practice our faith not only in private prayer and worship, but also in the public square where we live our lives.  Our deeds and actions are being watched more critically than the words we speak.  This is why it is important to act and live in accordance with what we profess.  It is hypocritical and a scandal to act and live in a manner contrary to what we profess.

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4 Responses to Leaven

  1. well done.. Kathleen was your leaven and you are mine

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