To My Rock, Fortress, and Deliver

God the Father Wikimedia Commons

God the Father
Wikimedia Commons

The Psalmist frequently refers to the Lord as my rock, fortress and deliver.  Throughout 1 and 2 Samuel, Kings and Chronicles when the Lord is called on by Judah He supports, protects, and defends her from peril.   However, when Judah ignores and disregards the Lord, He withdraws His support and protection, and Judah suffers.

The Psalms remind us that the Lord is the rock, fortress and deliver of individuals and nations who call upon Him.  But, persons and nations that turn from Him, like Eve seeking pleasure and godliness, He withdraws.  Alone and without God, they are left to battle the powers and principalities of this world.

The choice is ours, as individuals and as nations.   We can seek ad love the Lord with our entire mind, body and soul, or to turn in on self.   To those who seek Him, the Lord is a good Father.  He protects and defends them danger.  And, to those who turn away from Him, He honors their choice, leaving them alone, to provide for their own support, defense and protection.

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