In Defense of Pondering

Blessed Virgin Mary in Prayer Durer Wikimedia Commons

Blessed Virgin Mary in Prayer
Wikimedia Commons

Our journey with God is filled with many events, some enjoyable and some not that enjoyable, each capable of drawing us closer to God, if we so choose.  We can, like the Blessed Mother, ponder God’s presence in each of these events, or we can like the Hebrews wandering in the desert, murmur against God and the path He has selected for us to journey.

God is always inviting us to draw closer to Him. By pondering Him in our heart rather than the event, He uses the enjoyable and not so enjoyable events to enter our life more deeply.  Murmuring about the event and centering on our need and desire excludes God and His invitation to enter our life.

In all ponder God and persevere in faith, hope and charity.

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2 Responses to In Defense of Pondering

  1. To look pass an event and ponder what God want’s from me/for me through it, is profound. The very fact that God cares and returns so often to connect is also such an astounding thought. Much to ponder about. Thank you.

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