To the Eyes of Faith

To the Eyes of FaithIn Lumen Fidei (18) Pope Francis states, “Faith does not merely gaze at Jesus, but sees things as Jesus himself sees them, with his own eyes: it is a participation in his way of seeing.”

Seeing things as Jesus sees them is challenging.  It was difficult for the Apostles.  Jesus rebukes the Apostles throughout the Gospels for not seeing things as he sees them.  The Apostles would gaze upon the miracles of Jesus, hear his parables, and follow him along the way, but they were unable to see things as he saw them.  This inability to see things as he saw them is why Judas betrayed Jesus and why the others, with the exception of John, could not gaze upon Christ Jesus crucified.  After the resurrection, slowly and steadily their faith grew and they were able to see things as Jesus sees them.

How does Jesus see things?  I believe the answer to this question is found in how Jesus describes himself: meek, humble, the way, and the truth.

So, to see things as Jesus sees them is to see with eyes of his meekness, his humility, his truth and his way of the cross.  Not through our human eyes that see only:  “What is in it for me?” “What can I get away with?” “I will do it my way!” “I have my own set of values, principles, and truths that I live my life by.”   These are the fruits of pride that weaken the eyes ability to see as Jesus sees and will eventually lead to blindness and death.

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4 Responses to To the Eyes of Faith

  1. seeker says:

    Pride, one of the deadly sins.

  2. barbaraschoeneberger says:

    A prayer I say often is, “Lord, let me see others as You see them. Let me see myself as You see me.”

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