The Potter and His Clay

To the Potter and His ClayHe is the potter, we the clay.  He shapes the clay according to his plan.  The potter pours himself into his work and fills it with himself.  The clay is shaped with love and the sweet disciple of a father.  The potter continually reshapes the clay to drawn out its beauty and purpose and to fulfill his plan.  Sometimes the shaping requires a soft, gentle and delicate hand; other times a hand that is firm, strong and bold in its shaping.

Some of the shaped clay is washed clean with water and marked with the glaze of the potter, others not.   The washed and marked clay is fired it in a kiln to set the clay forever and permanently fix the mark of the potter upon the clay.  The fired glaze brilliantly shines forth in stunting glory.  The potter looks on his work with great love and declares it very good.

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