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To Humility, Generosity and Confidence

St. Francis de Sales teaches that humility is more than us lacking trust in ourselves.  On the contrary, humility is an expression of our confidence in God and His generosity. For in humility we can echo words of St. Paul … Continue reading

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Petitions Offered in Prayer

According to St. Francis de Sales in his Sermons on Prayer, petitions offered in prayer are between meditation and contemplation prayer.   He contends that petitions are made to God in prayer when “we become confident enough to ask for and … Continue reading

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Distraction in Prayer

Distractions can be a difficulty in prayer.  They can affect vocal, meditative, and contemplative prayer.  Distractions do not withdraw us from God; only sin withdraws us from God.  Distractions can be annoying and distressing, but lacking resolve and deliberation are … Continue reading

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The Sign of Cross and St. Francis De Sales

I had commented in a previous posting to what I perceived as a decline in baptized Catholics making the Sign of the Cross.  I recently read St. Francis De Sales on the Sign of the Cross.  He teaches that as … Continue reading

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