Near in Mouth and Heart

Christ Praying in the Garden Marco Basaiti Wikimedia Commons

Christ Praying in the Garden
Marco Basaiti
Wikimedia Commons

Prayer consists in having the Lord not only near in mouth, but also near in heart.  “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” (Matthew 12:34).

Prayer does not comprise one empty phrase heaped upon another.  Rather, prayer is the mouth proclaiming phrases that proceed from the heart.  The heartfelt phrases may be in the form of petitions and complaints, acclamations of praise and glory, and declarations of faith and hope.  During prayer, the heart should also be still and listen.

The Patriarchs, Prophets, and Psalmists entered into such fervent dialogue with the Lord.  The Gospels are similarly filled with such prayerful dialogue between Jesus and His Father in Heaven.

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8 Responses to Near in Mouth and Heart

  1. The Patriarchs, Prophets and Psalmists are wonderful examples when it comes to prayer. Recognising God’s presence always and mindfulness in what I’m doing; how I behave and my relationship as a Christian to others provides opportunity throughout the day for spontaneous prayer. Really like the title of this post.

    • Michael says:

      We have many wonderful examples in sacred scriptures and in the lives of the saints. Spontaneous prayer is great way to keep God and His ways before us during the day. Thank you, 1 Catholic Salmon. Peace and Grace, Michael

  2. barbaraschoeneberger says:

    “Out of the abundance of the heart…” We must mind well what is in our hearts. If it is selfish, foul, and ugly, that is what will come out of our mouths. When it is full of kindness, humility, and oriented towards the Lord, that, too, comes out. I can tell when a person is living an unhappy life by what he/she speaks about.

  3. I liked your statement “The heartfelt phrases may be in the form of petitions and complaints…” I feel that I complain to God too much, rather than simply being accepting. Annette

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