To Human Freedom

Fall and Expulsion of Adam and Eve Michelangelo Wikimedia Commons

Fall and Expulsion of Adam and Eve
Wikimedia Commons

Freedom brings us glory or ignominy.  Our freedom is rooted in reason and will.    Through freedom is the power to rise above all creatures on earth or to dwell amongst the lowest of earth’s creatures.  The power of freedom resides in our choice to act or not act and to do or not do.   Our life is shaped the choices we make.

Good choices generate more freedom in service of greater good and justice. Greater good and justice are not achieved by satisfying our own interests and earthly pleasures.  Greater good and justice grows and matures the human experience, proclaims truth, and abounds in goodness.  Good choices proclaim the image and likeness we were created in and advance us towards the glory we are intended for.  Poor choices diminish freedom and enslave, truth is denied, and self-centeredness reigns and the human experience atrophies.

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  1. tannngl says:

    Beautifully said.

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    This simplifies our understanding of freedom in the Lord. It’s so well said here.

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