Christ with the Samaritan Woman at the Well Angelika Kaffman Wikimedia Commons

Christ with the Samaritan Woman at the Well
Angelika Kauffman
Wikimedia Commons

Our hearts rejoice in beauty, rest in love, and find comfort in mercy and goodness.   We long to hold these within our heart, to draw of them more deeply.  We thirst for them and from whence they come, Our Father in Heaven.

Our hearts sense the beauty of God’s creation, rest in His love, and find consolation in His mercy and goodness and rejoice, yet we thirst and desire to draw more deeply of His presence.  In prayer, we draw and drink yet our hearts desire more of His prefect and eternal love, mercy and goodness.  This is the tension faced in prayer, the closer we are drawn by God, more closeness is desired – not for lack of fulfillment, but for ever more fulfillment – for we were created to be filled with His perfect, ever lasting love, mercy and goodness.

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