To Competence

St. Thomas of AquinasDiscipleship has its required competencies.  Four important competencies of discipleship are: prayer, thirst for knowledge of God, selflessness, and sharing faith, hope and love in Christ Jesus.

The great saints — Augustine, Dominic, Aquinas, Therese of Lisiuex, Theresa of Avila, and Francis of Assisi, to name a few — possessed these competencies.  Each maintained their spiritual health through prayer, vocal and silent. Each had a profound thirst for knowledge of God, his Word and his ways.  Each gave selflessly, to others and the Church.   Each relentlessly shared their faith, hope and love of Christ and His bride, the Church with others.

Any one can practice these competencies, in any state or stage of life.

Prayer is not limited by state or stage in life.   A fruitful prayer life requires, discipline and practice.  Silent prayer is especially important, since God often speaks in silence.

Knowledge of God is not bound by intellect.   It is enkindled by desire and thirst and acquired through grace. God freely gives knowledge of himself to those who ask with a pure heart burning for greater knowledge of him.   Knock and receive.

God loves a cheerful giver. He rewards a cheerful giver ten fold, a hundred fold.

Our faith, hope, and love of Christ is best shared through our actions and deeds, and the manner we live our life.

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2 Responses to To Competence

  1. Thanks for mentioning silence. We live in a world where people are forgetting what silence even is, and many are not even comfortable in silence. When Theresa of Avila asked Christ why he was speaking to her and not to everyone, Jesus told her that He speaks and not everyone can hear Him.

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