IndifferenceIndifference in a garden results in a garden overran with weeds.  Indifference towards a family member or friend results in a broken or impaired relationship.  Spiritual indifference results in a lost soul.  The products of spiritual indifference are a lack of fear of God, disrespect of the Lord, dishonor of Christ and His Church, failure to repudiate sin, a disbelieve in Hell, and a disregard for eternal salvation.

We show our personal concern for a family member or friend by frequently visiting with them, sharing our lives with them, listening attentively to what they have to say, helping them out when they have a need, and introducing them to others we similarly love.

A relationship with our Heavenly Father is similarly maintained by spending at least some time each day with Him.  Time spent solely devoted to Him, listening to Him, sharing our life with Him, or just being with Him in silence.  The needs of Christ are provided for when those who are “hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison” (Matthew 25:44) are provided for in His name.  The Holy Spirit desires to be introduced to and work with those who we love.

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8 Responses to Indifference

  1. Great post! Definitely spending time with God is a key to a healthy relationship.

  2. SaintlySages says:

    I think the needs we read of in Mt 25 can be taken both materially or spiritually. Material needs, such as food and water, are often more urgent, but Christ shows that spiritual needs are more important. He said He is the Bread of Life, that is, His words are spirit and life (Jn 6). He told the woman at the well that what He brings us is like water that satisfies thirst forever (Jn 4). As for clothing the naked, we read of the mantle of justice (Jb 29:14; Is 59:17). As for sickness and prisons, St Paul writes extensively about how we become enslaved by our sins. So, corporal works of mercy are commendable and often urgently needed, but spiritual works of mercy, which help others move away from sin and toward eternal salvation, are more important in the long run. God bless!

    • Michael says:

      Thank you Saintly Sage, I intended Mt 25 to include both material and spiritual needs, apparently I erred. Thank you for expounding on Mt 25 in more detail. Your comments are always greatly appreciated. God Bless, Michael

  3. lioness says:

    These are thoughtful and thought provoking analogies, Michael. Your post reminded me that the seraphim who are the highest choir of God’s angels have been adoring God throughout the ages in unceasing love. That’s how important our attention, time and loving attention arein God’s eyes and hierarchy.

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