Lord, I Am Not Worthy

Paolo Veronese

Paolo Veronese

“Lord, I am not worthy” can be spoken with great faith and hope or with distrust and despair.

We are all sinners and unworthy to have our Lord under our roof.  Yet, in our unworthiness and sinfulness Christ offered Himself up on the cross, poured out His blood for the redemption of our sins, and conquered death for us.

There is no sin that God is unwilling to forgive.  Forgiveness need only be asked with a humble, contrite heart.  All of Heaven rejoices when a sinner repents and returns to the Lord.

In our unworthiness God reaches down with mercy to meet our needs and relieve our miseries.   In our unworthiness we should humility approach God, who yearns to mercifully forgive our iniquities, heal us, and bless us.

“Lord, I am not worthy” can be spoken in gracious recognition for love and mercy received or as an excuse for spurning God’s love and mercy. 

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