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Take the Lead from Jesus

Who does Jesus honor? Christ Jesus honors His Father and Mary, His Mother. We should honor those who Jesus honors. Christ went to the Cross in obedience to His Father.  To dishonor His Father is to dishonor Christ Jesus.  Christ … Continue reading

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Forever Restless

The heart desires to know truth.  In some endeavors, when knowledge is attained, the heart is satisfied and can rest. In the endeavor to known God, the heart is forever restless.  For the desire to know God is written on … Continue reading

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Pride and Concupiscence

Which is more deadly to the soul, pride or concupiscence?  Of these two great enemies of man, Dietrich von Hilderbrand contends that pride is far more deadly. Concupiscence inclines man to commit sin.  It is the residual stemming from the … Continue reading

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