Take the Lead from Jesus

Take the Lead from JesusWho does Jesus honor? Christ Jesus honors His Father and Mary, His Mother.

We should honor those who Jesus honors. Christ went to the Cross in obedience to His Father.  To dishonor His Father is to dishonor Christ Jesus.  Christ respected His Mother and submitted to Mary’s requests. To dishonor Mary, His Mother, is to dishonor Christ.  We should take Jesus’ lead and honor Him by honoring His Father and Mary, His Mother.

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2 Responses to Take the Lead from Jesus

  1. SaintlySages says:

    It seems to me that if Christ honored His mother’s request at Cana, we have every reason to believe that He would honor her requests today. What better reason could we have for asking our Blessed Mother to pray for us! Thank you for your post. God bless!

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