Understanding Christ

            El Greco  Christ Healing the Blind

El Greco
Christ Healing the Blind

Frequently I see myself in the Gospel passages that read something like, but they did not understand what Jesus said, its meaning was hidden from them so that they did not understand, and they were afraid to ask. 

I find comfort that the Apostles, handpicked by Jesus and great saints of the Church, struggled as I struggle to understand the meaning of Jesus’ words, and they, who traveled, ate and lived with Him on daily basis, were also sometimes timid about approaching Him. 

It took awhile before the Apostles understood that Jesus welcomed all.  He welcomed sinners and righteous alike, forgiving the sinners and commanding them to sin no more, and calling the righteous to come follow. 

We should never be afraid to approach Jesus.  If we are in sin, we should approach seeking forgiveness.  Nor, should we be afraid to answer His call to follow.  If we turn away as the rich young man did our end will be like his, sorrow and disappointment.  Those who choose to follow Him will have their eyes and ears opened.  Through faith and hope, we will see, hear and understand.  It will come, not according to our time, but His.  We must preserve.

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4 Responses to Understanding Christ

  1. Cynthia says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post! It is an ongoing struggle to try and understand our small bit of the incomprehensible love of our God! We keep trying…

  2. Rich Maffeo says:

    Another good one. Thanks for using your gift for Christ.

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