In Defense of the Perfectly Imperfect

In Defense of the Perfectly ImperfectWhy did God create a universe governed by physical laws, yet subject to disruptive chaos; a universe of profound beauty, yet filled with grave dangers; a universe teaming with life, yet governed by death?   Why did God create man out of love yet man harbors hatred, acts unjustly, and perpetuates evil?

God could have created a universe of magnificence beauty, devoid of chaos and death and inhabited with loving men filled with justice and righteous, but He chose not to create a mechanical universe populated by humanoid robots.

Rather, He created a relatively ordered universe inhabited by persons possessing a free will.  Each person is the master of their will and the crafter of their salvation or destruction.  God created each person with the freedom to choose Him or to reject Him; to live a life with Him or a life apart from Him; to act with justice or injustice; to be righteous or to be unrighteous and evil; to dwell in the grave or to dwell beyond the grave.

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