All Are Important

All Are ImportantGod created all with a uniquely important purpose within His Kingdom. Sometimes we discount our purpose as unimportant, when compared to others.  This is a mistake.   Just as God loves all, all have an important purpose within His Kingdom.  The Holy Spirit endows each with a specific talent or charism to fulfill their created purpose.

Consider a stained glass window. All pieces are unique.  All pieces are important.  The stained glass window is incomplete until each piece is included.  Likewise with the Kingdom of God, each member of the Kingdom has a uniquely important purpose in building of the God’s Kingdom — how beautiful and magnificent the Kingdom when each serves their purpose and the glory of God shines through.

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3 Responses to All Are Important

  1. This is beautiful! It’s easy to sometimes forget that God’s Holy Spirit moves in the little acts as well, not just the larger more seeable sacrifices. Thank you for sharing this lovely post! I love your blog so much!

  2. tannngl says:

    Excellent, Love and Truth. And thanks for following. Good to meet you.

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