To Being Aligned

To Being AlignedMisalignment occurs when our earthly endeavors are contrary to our created purpose. We were created out the infinite goodness of God to gain his everlasting happiness in heaven through knowing, loving and serving him in this world.

We become misaligned when our earthly endeavors differ from our created purpose.  Making the acquisition of power, wealth, prestige, or pleasure the primary aim of life conflicts with God’s plan of serving him.  When a heart sets an earthly endeavor above God, the heart neither fully knows nor completely loves God, for the earthly endeavor is given precedence over God and seeks to serve self rather than God.  Such a heart lacks true happiness, is never at rest, and feels incomplete, because it is misaligned with its created purpose.

A heart aligned with God, serves him, knows him through prayer, and express love of him through worship.

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2 Responses to To Being Aligned

  1. mithriluna says:

    So beautiful and so true. I wish I could live this truth in my heart all the time. Unfortunately that is not the case. Thank you for your spiritual words of wisdom.

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