Sensing the Lord

Sensing the LordHis wonder, power, and glory abound and are continually before my eyes.  I see His wonder in the flutter of leaves in a calm breeze; His power in billowing storm clouds and bolts of lighting exchanged between them; His glory in the majesty of the skies and their perpetual rhythm that dances before me.

Every aspect of my life He touches: my work, relationships, and recreational activities.  His touch gently and persistently disciples me and leads me to a deeper relationship with Him.

The beautiful smell of incense offered to Lord in prayer fills me with His presence.  The perfumed aroma of His presence lingers long after the pillar of incense disappears.

I incessantly long for the sweet taste of honey and salvation of Christ in form of bread and wine.   It is the taste of His love and my hope and faith.  The taste of Christ sustained me through my youth, sustains me now, and will sustain me forever.

Hearing the Lord in the recesses of my Heart through the clatter of the day is serene and difficult.  To hear the Lord requires a complete surrendering of will, an emptying of self, and abandonment of earthly desires, then an attentive heart will hear the Lord speak in silence.

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2 Responses to Sensing the Lord

  1. Colleen says:

    Very beautiful. Thank you for joining me in Sabbath Moments. Reading this gave ME a Sabbath moment!

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