Father Abraham

Our Father in Faith, Abraham and his son, IsaacAs a child (and also as an adult) I learned much from my biological father.   I have also learned much from my father in faith, Abraham.

Abraham has taught me to listen attentively, to persevere, and to submit completely to Lord’s call.

The Lord continually calls.  Sometimes, His call is heard over the noise of the day.  But, hearing His call differs from listening and paying attention to what He is calling us to.  From father Abraham, I learned to listen carefully to the call of the Lord.

The Lord remains true to His word.  He accomplishes His word on a different schedule than mine.  His word is accomplished at its proper time.   From father Abraham, I learned to endure with fortitude.

The Father’s beloved son, Christ, gave Himself freely and totally to the will of His Father, so did Abraham.  Christ taught that a house divided cannot stand, so also a heart.  A heart divided between two treasures possesses neither.  From father Abraham, I learned to give my heart, my soul, and my mind completely to the Lord.

Father Abraham taught his son Isaac well.  Isaac gave himself over to the Lord completely, in full trust. I pray that I too shall give myself wholly over to Lord, in full trust.  Also, I pray that my children will learn from me, as Isaac learned from Abraham, to trust and give themselves over to the Lord.

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