To Walk with Those Who Walked Before

As a child I would ask God why He chose to have me live in such an uneventful period of salvation history.  I yearned to have lived in the times of Jesus.  Or, at least to have lived during the period of St. Francis of Assisi or one of the other great saints of the church.

The periods when Christ and His Saints Polycarp, Francis of Assisi, Teresa of Avila, and Thérèse de Lisieux walked the earth were important periods in salvation history.  I would ask where are the saints of this age?  Why am I living in such an unimportant period of salvation history?

In every age, God calls and desires His people to be united with Him.  In each age, the Lord raises up great saints.  We are living in an important period of salvation history.  We are living in a period filled with many great saints.  All are called to be faithful; all are called to render onto God what is God’s; all are called to serve the Lord.  We are all called to be saints, to face the challenges and battles the Lord has set before us.  We, like those who walked before, are called to walk with the Lord.

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