Like a melody stuck within my head, a posting by Melanie Jean Juneau on her blog “Mother of Nine9” to the Daily Prompt “Art that Speaks to Me” has remained with me for the past week and a half.   My thoughts repeatedly return to the pictures of eyes she posted in her reply to the Daily Prompt.

Biblically, eyes are the windows of our heart. The heart is the focus of our being and true desires.  What commands the attention of our eyes is what commands the attention of our heart.  If our heart desires fleshly pleasures, fleshly pleasures will command the attention of our eyes.  If our heart desires earthly treasures, earthly treasures will command our eyes attention.

What would Jesus’ and my eyes look like when they meet?   What would we see as we graze into each other eyes?  Jesus knows my heart, and my struggles with my eyes.   Will the widows of my heart, reflect my desire to follow Christ or will they reflect my desires for earthly pleasures?  Will my eyes look upon the Lord with fear?  Or, will I heed his command and be not afraid, and look upon Him in tearful joy?

Will Christ’s eyes reflect a joyful welcoming?  Or, will His eyes reflect the pain and suffering my sinfulness has brought upon him? Will I be graced to see His loving and merciful eyes?  Will He see in my eyes my desire to be forgiven and to be with Him and dwell in His love forever?

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2 Responses to Eyes

  1. I am so happy that I am up late tonight. Your reflections and insights are so beautiful that I should probably include your post with a link back here right into my text. You are taking the time to verbalize the thoughts of my heart.

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