The Crushed Revives the Spirit and Heart

On high I dwell, and in holiness, and with the crushed and dejected in spirit.  To revive the spirits of the dejected, to revive the hearts of the crushed. (Isaiah 57:15)

The above verse from Isaiah resonated within as I pondered it this evening.  My thoughts turned to the Eucharistic – the bread, the wine and Christ  – and the aspects associated with each.

The grains of wheat must be crushed, ground to a fine powder until the grains remain no more in order to be transformed into bread.  The grapes must be crushed, their juice bleed out, their skins torn and shredded in order to be transformed into wine.

Likewise, Christ was crushed, his skin torn and shredded, his blood drained from his body.   This is what He suffered because of our sins.  This is also what He suffered in union with those who are rejected, dejected, and marginalized.  It is Christ and His presence in Eucharistic that heals those who answer His call and follow Him, it is He who revives the spirits of the dejected and the hearts of crushed.

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