Living the Christian Faith

Living the Christian faith is more than a personal relationship with God.  It is more than attending church on Sunday and more than a compassionate concern for others.  The Christian faith is a way of living.

Christians are called to be salt of the earth.  As salt brings forth the full flavor of food, Christians are called to bring forth the full beauty and truth of God and His creation.  The saltiness of a Christian is how they bring to others, through their words and actions, the beauty of God and His creation.

Christians are also called to be the light of the world.  The light a Christian brings to the world helps others to see, hear and understand the truth God has written on their hearts.

Christians are called to be leaven to all nations, peoples and tongues.   Leaven lifts all of the dough, not just some of the dough. The leavening of dough is done in the public square as part of public discourse, so too is the salting and casting of light.

A Christian’s personal relationship with Christ is realized through his relationship with the others.   In particular, how the Christian brings Christ’s mercy, forgiveness, and compassion to those who thirst and hungry for Christ’s forgiveness and seek His righteousness and mercy.

A Christian life is not lived in insolation and is more than a personal pray life and worship.  A Christian life is a life lived with and for others in union Christ.  A Christian is called to follow Christ and proclaim, as He did, that the Kingdom of God is at hand.

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