Six Degrees of Love / Six Degrees of Sin

Six degrees of separation is a theory that any two persons on earth are separate by way of no more than six introductions.  Mathematical models and analysis of social networks such as, Facebook™ and Twitter™ support the theory.   Basically, we can be introduced to any person on earth through six or less introductions.

Since the persons conducting the introductions are known to each other and have some type of interpersonal relationship, this means that our actions toward others affects every person on earth.  Conversely, we are affected by the actions of every person on earth.

Thus, small acts of love we extend to our spouse, children, family members, those we work with, and those we encounter are spread by six degrees throughout the entire world.  The patience we have with one person is transmitted to another, and so forth by six degrees to all.  Likewise, for kindness shown and self giving acts.

Similarly, one sinful act is perpetuated by six degrees.  Rude, self-centered behavior affects not only the people it is directed towards, it also impacts their interactions with others through six degrees, to eventually every person on earth.  Likewise, for acts of jealously, lustfulness, adultery, murder, fornication, and so forth.  Harm inflected on one person is harm inflected on all.

So, it is important as Christians that we live our life according to the two great commandments: You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.  You shall love your neighbor as yourself.  If we conduct our encounters with others according to these two commandments, the love of Lord and His love, truth, and peace will spread by six degrees to all.

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